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Godtek is spirit-led electronic dance music across many genres, based in the UK midlands.


The aim is to infuse a people with the vibrancy and energy of dance, unconditional love, surrendering to God through music, the space and sound, the vibe and the intention. We manifest the sound, words and singing of God using everything from ambient music and samples through all dance music genres, techno, house, dub, drum & bass, working with everything in between.


All of the music on the soundcloud is FREE to download.

For GENESIS - free 22 track album 

click HERE



Godtek - Jesus Is King Bootlegs.jpg


Track 1: Use This Gospel (Godtek Bootleg) (Prog Trance)

Track 2: Jesus Is Lord (Godtek Bootleg) (IDM)

Click HERE for free download



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