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Having been producing dance music since 2005, and DJing since 2008, Godtek has evolved from a classically trained, traditional upbringing through a full spectrum of dance music.
After being a Zen buddhist and then Hindu in his late teens and early twenties, Godtek came to know God fully through Jesus. After encountering the Christ through music and seeing similarity of church and rave culture, Godtek returned to his love of dance music with a new purpose and passion with a new purpose.
Previously, had come close to signing with a hip-hop act as their producer in 2013, but the limitations and motivations behind creating popular music about materialism had caused a significant motivation away from the mainstream. He vowed never to make music again. A wise man once told a joke 'If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans'.
Very soon after embarking on the journey of faith, a lot of things in life were guiding him to make dance music again, free for the constraints of commercial pressures. All around this time, doing some searching, it emerged that there was more people around the world doing the same, making fat dance music in every genre that brought more attention to God. Linking up with these people was seminal, and Godtek began to seriously build up studio capabilities in order to honour this new commitment.
2016 Started The Most High Records for Christian Drum & Bass and other harder dance music styles. Went to Ibiza for 2 weeks with 24/7, came back inspired. Launched Sanctuary Dance Music events for churches and Christian club nights. Played Greenbelt festival & had an awesome time.
2017 has been interesting. Released 22 track debut album GENESIS for free download. Became part of LA-based label family God's House Music. Has been a time of growth in and out of the studio with plenty of seeds from Ibiza, techno, breaks, drum & bass, tech-house. 
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