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Spent 2 weeks on mission in Ibiza with 24/7 ( which was mindblowing. Awesome time praying, and listening to the mainly tech-house vibes.

Composed an ambient prayer track whilst there called 'Waves' - check it at

Spent a long time in listening prayer, and made 16 seed-tracks that will be developing into a 120-130bpm album. Will be working with Graffology to have a unique artwork with each track.

Delighted to remix Kat Krick's 'Perfect Love' into liquid drum & bass. Download it for free at

Massive news is that we've had permission to start a Fresh Expressions church in my own in Buckingham (UK), providing people who love dance music with a place where they can come together and worship God the way that they are comfortable. HYPED for what God has planned, and the party in heaven we've been invited up to. He's literally saying 'come on up' to a whole generation of people and sustaining them by his love.

So much love from people who donated to the crowdfunded studio equipment upgrade for a pair of Focal monitors. It's really taken production to the next level and I've been taken on a massive learning curve as a result.

Bless you,


#gospel #house #drumbass #dj #love #jesus #music #worship #CEDM

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